The Real Struggles Of American Politics

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Day after day we read in the newspapers and about the political turmoil and the candidates and email and the struggle of American politics. I strive to read more than just those articles, since I want to learn about the real struggles of the American people. I want to learn about the bigger problems behind the scenes in the US and what can be done to help. This was the reasoning for the choice of my article for this week’s critique on addiction and the story of Amanda with a heat wrenching addition to Heroin and her journey through it all. In 2016 Americans are turning to heroin to deal with their despair, pain and turmoil in their lives, subsequently causing an opiate epidemic. This point is further evidenced by the following statement within the article, “350 people starting on heroin every day, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, another 4,105 emergency-room visits and another 79 people dead,” (Saslow, 2016) evidencing that heroin addiction is spiraling out of control. When looking at this epidemic many users start with simply the use o...
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