The Real Significance Of Free Will And Do I Have Free Essay

The Real Significance Of Free Will And Do I Have Free Essay

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We spend every day doing our daily duties, yet we don’t stop to think about what influences the way we think, act, or live our life. I want to introduce the idea that your mind could control you if you let it, but does it control your actual reality? Is reality, real? Or did my mind make up everything that surrounds me. I once heard that your eye is an upside down optical illusion that flips an image, so that you see it correctly and fills up any empty spots to make up for what is missing in an image. I often question if my mind sees what is really there, or are we upside down? Are there missing pieces in my reality? Additionally, this leads me to question what is the real significance of free will and do I have free will? I make choices every single day that affect my life, surroundings and every one around me, but they also affect the way my life is headed and whether it is meaningful or not. I believe having control of my life in doing adventurous activities gives me personal satisfaction making my life meaningful.
Where is my mind?
I don’t like the first sentence Thomas Nagel uses to open up chapter two. “ …Your own mind is the only thing you can be sure of.” What Does It All Mean? By Thomas Nagel. I’m not sure that my mind was all there when I was nineteen. Nagel argues that your experiences and senses make up what you believe. Therefor, creating a setting in which your reality happens, but that reality is just all in your mind. And like in his example, this is what creates the floor underneath your feet. I do not agree with this what so ever.
When I was nineteen I could say I honestly did not take into consideration that I had a brain or a mind at all. The cops in Downtown Miami were chasing me. I had a can of beer, I was...

... middle of paper ... or isn’t an external world or to know if reality is in our minds only. Science cannot prove it and neither can a philosophical argument. My personal belief is that there is an external world, but not based on my past experiences, but on my present daily life. One because I can feel pain, not only physically, but emotionally, which is something that in a dream I cannot feel. Second, I can control the way I direct my life. Do I make a left or right turn today? I can make the decision to shoot heroin today or go to school and have a future. This is control. Lastly, A dream can jump from place to place, and different scenarios that I cannot control. Which in my opinion, this argument about the external world, should be based on what we can and cannot control, because we know for a fact that it is our free will of choice that lets us direct where our lives are headed.

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