Essay about The Real Monster: Man or Creature?

Essay about The Real Monster: Man or Creature?

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The Real Monster: Man or Creature?
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was born on August 30, 1797 to two renowned authors. Mary’s mother died while giving birth and from this point forward her life was destined for literature. Her father’s wife was cruel so Mary confided in her literature. Mary met her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley at the age of sixteen. While she and Percy sailed they would tell each other ghost stories. Mary, Percy, and some friends came up with a challenge to see who could compose the scariest ghost story. Out of this challenge arose Frankenstein which she began in 1816. Mary finished the novel before the age of twenty, where it would become one of the most popular Gothic Horror novels of all times. During the era Shelley lived science was progressing vastly. Science then became permanently linked to Gothic horror because of the supernatural.
Now for the story, who is Frankenstein? Frankenstein is not the actual creation it is in fact the creations creator (during the duration of this essay I will be referring to the monster as it is referred to in the book, the creation). One of the most common mistakes made by people, who have not read Frankenstein, is that Dr. Frankenstein, known as Victor in the book, is portrayed as a mad scientist. This is certainly not true he is human. To fully understand this essay it is crucial that one know the plot of Frankenstein.
In a series of letters Robert Walton recounts to his sister the development of his operations. During this time he is introduced to Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein is on a sled pulled by snow dogs and in serious need of medical attention. Robert takes Frankenstein on his boat where he regains his health and recounts the tale of his life and his creation....

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...s liver eaten every day by an eagle.
Mary Shelley was a big fan of Romanticism. So the creature is evident of Gods work. A monster is not characterized only by its physical appearance but by its actions and attitude. That’s the reason that Frankenstein’s creation is not the true monster in this novel. Even though it may express many monstrous qualities throughout the story it has many more human ones. The creature’s humane characteristics greatly outnumber the monstrous ones and should be recognized by the reader. It is truly amazing how a creature with so much hatred and despair can have so many humane qualities.

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