The Real Measure Of Intelligence Essay

The Real Measure Of Intelligence Essay

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“Action is the real measure of intelligence”- Napoleon Hill. No matter the position in which the person stands they will always be possibilities to gain knowledge. In many cases, people do not have the opportunity to go to a College thus having to get a Manual labor job, but in many cases, they are not acknowledged as having the ability to receive intelligence because they are not going to a college and having to go to a workplace. Reality their potential can be much higher than expected because in the blue collar work place they can learn something new that may never be taught at a four-year Institution. The worker with the simple fact of working can receive knowledge and those increases your intelligence level. It may be different compared to the knowledge a student may receive but at the end of the day it is knowledge conceived in their current position. Knowledge is the universal meaning that anyone or anything can learn something, just takes time and the will to make a reality. I myself have witnessed that one can actually learn and receive knowledge at a workplace. In my current position I work as a dishwasher and it has taught me that by hard work and dedication one can learn to reach one 's goals by working hard. Just because you work in a blue collar job does not mean your intelligence levels are low, but it 's It 's more an opportunity to mature and gain knowledge and experience for further struggles.
The worker is seen as a small minded person, that does not have the potential to be intelligent. In many cases knowledge can form in many methods. Knowledge doesn 't have to be in a classroom It can be in the workplace because with every day experience, one learns from their mistakes and thus does better the next time. ...

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...s for the people that are willing to take it action to learn. People are interested in different things ending us learn different methods because of Interest because in this world, there is no perfect being, just people wanting to learn more.
in conclusion, workers are intelligent, even though the knowledge they acquired was not in a classroom but in a working environment. Just just because of having a college degree does that mean that you 're the most intelligent being in the world. the working class is also learning but a different method they learned that with working hard and having dedication they can succeed and be able to maintain themselves every day comfort. the working class words due to the difficulty of the job and many do not go to school because of lack of opportunity and us having to gain knowledge in a different method. knowledge is universal.

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