Essay about The Real Life Story Of John Nash Who Was A Paranoid Schizophrenic

Essay about The Real Life Story Of John Nash Who Was A Paranoid Schizophrenic

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A beautiful mind explored the real life story of John Nash who was a paranoid schizophrenic. The film was a biographical drama which was released in 2001. Russell Crowe was assigned to portray Mr. Nash and Jennifer Connelly played his wife, Alicia Nash. The film began with him at a ceremony as a graduate student at Princeton University (he was awarded the Carnegie scholarship for mathematics). He met other graduates like himself, but he seemed slightly out of place. He first met his “roommate” (one of the characters he had imagined) Charles Herman while John was settling in. Charles had a carefree attitude and was much more relaxed, unlike John. John was set on producing his own original mathematical idea and he gained some confidence to exercise his plan while he was out with his colleagues one day. He went with the collective group approach to come close to women, however that backfired horribly. Furthermore, one of his professors informs Johns that his idea doesn’t work and that it wasn’t good enough.
However, he finally breaks a 150-year-old math code, and his professor tells him he can get placement anywhere he wants. He lands a job with MIT and later encrypting codes at the Pentagon. During his stay at MIT he teaches mathematics to undergrads (this is where he will meet Alicia). John becomes bored with his job at MIT and he meets a new “supervisor”, Harris (one of his other characters that only exist in his mind). Harris tells him he is from the department of Defense and John believes there is a soviet plot going on in which he has to find hidden clues.
During this time Alicia asks John out and accepts, and the ultimately fall in love. Once back on campus John meets Charles niece, Marcee, and they encourage John to pr...

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...ght on this mental health disease. I have recommended friends and family do watch this movie so they can learn what I have. The director of the movie really did a good job of portraying the general life of the real John Nash. He was able to capture the full attention of the viewer.
Often times people with serious mental health issues are passed off as ‘crazy’ and that is not the case at all. John was a really smart individual (in fact smarter than most in my opinion). This film really makes you wonder what goes on in the human mind when one is affected with schizophrenia. You realize that people with schizophrenia (whichever type) can be extremely talented individuals don’t have to fear them because they might do something ‘crazy’. I think this film opened (and will continue) to open the eyes of many who think anyone with a mental illness can’t function in society.

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