The Real Estate Industry Is An Industry Essay

The Real Estate Industry Is An Industry Essay

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The real estate industry is an industry that has been growing in the modern times today as trends are consistently shifting in the market and as people realize the importance it plays in the success of a business. Real estate is a principle that deals with property which has now been a source for many job prospects. Among a few of these jobs that have been influenced from real estate would be a property manager, property appraiser, and a real estate agent. These three careers will be further analyzed and explained throughout the paper which will ultimately result in me picking a career that would best fit my interests.
Property Manager
A property manager is a person who overlooks a property making sure it is being properly maintained and is operating efficiently. Their main goal is to assist the owner (landlord) with using their property to its full benefit and use over the course of time. Therefore the plans they implement are long range and should help the owner not only in the present, but in the future too. That is why most plans tend to take longer to implement. This particular field requires background knowledge in property finance, valuation techniques, marketing, and personal and corporation rules. These requirements reflect on their wide scope of services they have to provide. Among a few of the responsibilities they are held accountable aside for ofcourse the landlord, would be the tenants. Due to the continuous requirement of dealing with tenants good communication skills will be required as they will be frequently communicating with the tenant or bringing potential tenants in as well as dealing with their complaints.
Their responsibilities include the physical appearance of the property which includes maintaining it a...

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...eans they are able to make their own schedules and make their own vacation times. The income isn’t limited to how many hours you put in day; it is more lenient in terms of being based on how much they sell. Moreover the fact that they are helping others and most likely will be satisfying their clients is an award as itself. However, the leniency in this career can get stressful if a person were to be unorganized. They will also have to work with their clients schedule and be available for them in the time of need. Also it may be hard and take a while before they reach their ideal income pint they want to achieve. In order to become a successful real estate agent a lot of experience will be needed in order to survive as a new agent which will pose as a risk.
Upon analyzing all three career options it is evident that most real estate jobs do require a lot of

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