The Reagan Doctrine Of President Reagan Essay

The Reagan Doctrine Of President Reagan Essay

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Currents Events and U.S. Diplomacy
Joseph D. Williams
Professor Tracy Herman
POL 300 International Problems
August 17, 2016

The Reagan Doctrine
The term “doctrine” definition is “A statement of authorized government policy, especially in overseas concerns and military strategy” (“Doctrine”, n.d.). The expression Presidential doctrine means an ideological platform that a president uses to spread a policy towards a country or region in order to accomplish foreign policy objectives for the United States. Presidents like James Monroe, Harry S. Truman, and Richard Nixon etc. articulated their policies but amongst these executive doctrines, the doctrine of President Reagan is significant.
The diplomatic doctrine of Reagan, known to all as the Reagan Doctrine can be considered as a “strategy coordinated and employed by the United States during the Reagan Administration to be in conflict with the global influence of the Soviet Union through the closing years of the Cold War. Even though the doctrine lasted less than a decade, it was the cornerstone of United States foreign policy from the early 1980s until the end of the Cold War in 1991” (“Reagan Doctrine”, n.d.). That is the reason why the Reagan Doctrine’s importance in the jurisdiction of United States politics and U.S. foreign policy is very important. It is worth mentioning that there was a key reason behind the development of this doctrine and it is also to be noted that “The doctrine served as the basis for the Reagan administration’s support of “freedom fighters” around the globe” (“Feb 7, 1985: The “Reagan Doctrine” is declared”, n.d.). By freedom fighters, Reagan meant all those democratic nations who were eager to fight against the spread of Soviet prompted communism. In o...

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...One can say that this doctrine contributed a great deal in changing the assertiveness of the Soviet Union. The Reagan Doctrine’s effectiveness is a result of the success of the Geneva conference in which Gorbachev showed much enthusiasm to cooperate with Reagan in bringing about world peace (Farnham, 2001). One can say that it was the Reagan Doctrine, which eventually paved the way for the development of Gorbachev as the Soviet leader. Moreover, in the Reykjavik summit Gorbachev showed more enthusiasm to initiate arms control initiatives between both the Soviet Union (Farnham, 2001), and the United States willingness was unquestionably an obvious deviation from the armed conflict policies of the Soviet Union. Lastly, it can be said that to some degree the Reagan Doctrine contributed in the changing of the Soviet behavior in respect of the Soviet foreign policies.

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