The Readings No Greater Love And Frankl Essay

The Readings No Greater Love And Frankl Essay

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Knowledge of God

The readings we have read and talked about during class discussions have questioned faith and how God works. Every reading has had their own perspective on the topic. Some believe knowledge is related to faith while others do not. A large group of these readings all have religious views but also some differ. They show all of us how not everyone has the same faith and practices as others. In this writing I will be talking about the readings No Greater Love and Frankl.
On the philosophy side we read and discussed the reading of Frankl. In this story Frankl relates his suffering with faith all trough out the readings. Frankl connected these two because while he was in the concentration camp his faith would get him through everything. As he said, “Everywhere man is confronted with faith, with the chance of achieving something throughout his own suffering.” He mentions in the reading how he got through the day by looking up to the clouds and and just seeing his wife and talking to God. This and him knowing that everyone has someone or something waiting for him outsid...

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