Reading Weld & Eriksen Report On Christian Clients ' Preferences Regarding Prayer As A Counseling Intervention

Reading Weld & Eriksen Report On Christian Clients ' Preferences Regarding Prayer As A Counseling Intervention

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After reading Weld & Eriksen report on Christian clients’ preferences regarding prayer as a counseling intervention really allowed me to see a true dialogue on how the world view prayer in the Christian and secular counselors profession. Throughout this journal, it can be seen that you do have people who would prefer to have some type of prayer done for them during their counseling session. According to the report, “82% of clients desired audible prayer in counseling” (Weld & Eriksen, 2007, p. 328), and you also had clients who really did not care if the counselor was a Christian or not. In addition, prayer for Christian counselors was an automatic thing in the Christian private sector but in the non-Christian sector they were held to a different standard but they still had a large percentage of clients who wanted them to pray for them.
Throughout this report, there were different methods and surveys that were completed to get a good demographic of how people responded to having prayer as a part of their counseling session. There was breakdown of participant who volunteered to participate in the survey that was done by 165 clients and 32 therapist (Weld & Eriksen, 2007), and each group was broken down into different categories, and the largest of each group were always females.
Although there are seems to be many pros to having prayer in counseling sessions, there still is a lot of training that needs to be done across the board for Christian counselors and secular counselors to get on one accord, because the main purpose is to serve the client and allow them to come through their session healed.
This journal article have given me the insight to know that counseling is needed in this world, bu...

... middle of paper ... and people come to me for advice, I make sure I let them know that we are on the clock and we can take more on their lunch break. One thing I am respectful about at work is that according to Weld & Eriksen, “yet some authors express concerns that praying audibly with clients risk confusion of boundaries” (p. 336). Therefore, I always make sure that if they want prayer it will be done in a respectful place and time.
Lastly, I believe that when you have a large percent like “eighty two percent of clients’ desired audible prayer as part of counseling” (Weld & Erikson, 207, p.339), this report lets me know that people are looking for comfort and peace in their life. Furthermore, when they are going through trials in their life and having someone to pray with and for them gives them confidence to know that everything is going to be fine in their life.

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