Reading Up On Media Psychology Essay

Reading Up On Media Psychology Essay

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I’ve been reading up on Media Psychology and there are points that I’ve thought of while doing research, issues that lead up to even more issues which I found very interesting. For starters, as the new generation grows up, these young adults and youth are being introduced to technology as early as four and five years old. It can all start at a leapster of learning problem solving and reading.

At home, a child might also have a television, game console, computer or cell phone. Starting the addiction young. Increasing discipline issues and attitude because of being removed from the screen to help the parents with chores or even family time.. It also reduces active time outdoors. Unfortunately, lowering your imagination and increasing obesity. Children who stay indoors to play online are more likely to be disobedient and a high risk for weight gain leading to depression.

Elementary all the way up to grad-school are incorporating electronic use more and more, lowering the work of your brain because you have every answer at your fingertips. There is no need to remember your ti...

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