Reading The Bible Again For The First Time By Marcus Borg Essay

Reading The Bible Again For The First Time By Marcus Borg Essay

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In the past few years, the older way of reading the Bible has become irrelevant and implausible for people. Therefore, a pressing need to find a new way of reading the Bible has arisen. In order to address this, many Christian religious groups have started looking for a contemporary way to read the Bible and appreciate its richness. In his book, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time, Marcus Borg gives people methods to encounter the Bible in a new way that breaks the boundaries of simple literalism, while respecting tradition, and also understand the Bible in a powerful and vibrant way. This has led to what he calls the historical-metaphorical way of reading the Bible, which means that the Bible be taken seriously, but not literally.
Older ways of viewing Christianity were patriarchal, moralistic and focused on afterlife. The Bible was considered an unquestionable product of God. However, these themes seem irrelevant in the present times. According to Borg, the Bible is a human product of religious experience. He considers the Bible to be a response of two communities to their experiences with God. He claims that the Bible, being a human product, tells us about how people see things, and not about how God sees things. He feels this approach is most relevant to people in the present times due to changes in the lifestyle and spirituality of people. People are exposed to religious pluralism, which makes it hard for them to digest the exceptionality of Christian tradition without any evidence supporting it. Modernity and Postmodernity have also made people skeptical about accepting facts based on spiritual reality, as they are more keen on knowing the factuality. Borg, however, based on his statement of the Bible as a hu...

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...nt of lay people in the Bible, underestimating God’s contribution to it. According to me, the Bible, cannot solely be considered a human product of religious experience. There must have been some role of the divine in laying out certain scenarios and situations to which people have added their ideas.
Another point where Borg does not fully support his statements is when he calls the fundamentalists and many evangelicals as conscious literalists but with ways of seeing the Bible similar to the old naturalistic way. He does explain about the origin, interpretation of the Bible according to the naturalistic views, but nowhere does he mention why he feels the fundamentalists and evangelicals are similar to conscious literalists. This topic could have been fleshed out a bit more so that the reader could have better understanding of why he made such a statement.

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