Reading The Barriers Article, I Agree With Some Of The Female Participants

Reading The Barriers Article, I Agree With Some Of The Female Participants

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After reading the Barriers article, I agree with some of the female participants. Many stated that the reason they do not participate in physical activity is because of a heavy school course load, influence of their peers, parents and teachers, inaccessibility and cost to use facilities, competition, and body centered issues. Being a child of the last generation who did not depend on iPhones or iPads as a child, I remember playing outside with friends and running down the street. I remember biking through trails and backyards to meet more friends, and playing baseball at the park. Children and adolescents of this generation do not do these things, and for some of those reasons as to why, I understand and can relate to.
Throughout high school for me, I was grade oriented and focused on being a good student. This meant homework after school and before work, then again after work, and before/after and even during dinner. Reading some of these girl’s responses to why they could not fit physical activity into their day, makes me wonder what the school system is doing to our children. A typical day for a high school student is seven hours of class, followed by three to five hours of homework after school. This seems like a long day of schoolwork, who would want to do physical activity after that? Especially if the student works a part time job throughout that day as well. However, schools offer a variety of after school sports and programs that provide an hour or so of physical activity at a minimal cost, while still allowing the student to be home with enough time to do homework. A motivational option for students who state they have no time, and they have that much homework, despite after school programs and sports, is to encourage g...

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...deration, however, I was also very conscious of what others thought of me while I was doing those activities. I wonder when the time will come that body shaming, female biology, peer pressure, competition, school work and more will not affect women striving to be the best they can be at whatever it is they want to be. I think adolescents should be better encouraged to increase their physical activity and decrease the amount of time spent on work, watching television, on the internet and other sedentary behaviour. I believe the key to this encouragement is through the schools and their parents roles as role models. What adolescent girls see, adolescent girls do. Targeting where they spend most of their days and where they gather will create the ‘you lead, I follow’ scenario and hopefully encourage adolescent girls to increase their participation in physical activity.

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