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1) P.2 But on the last day an astonishing number of English heavies opened up on us with high explosive, drumming ceaselessly on our position, so that we suffered severely and came back only eighty strong.
Reading Response: I wonder how aggressive a war could be. This tells me that a war can be ruthless, with each nation trying to destroy others. A war is only going to make things worse not better since there is always people dying everyday in war. This sentence really reflects the chaos and horror of war.

2) P.5 “Eighty men can’t have what is meant for a hundred and fifty”
Reading Response: This tells me that rations are very limited during a war. The cook is very strict and stubborn. The cook is trying to preserve food for the German armed forces, so that they can last as long as possible.

3) P.23 With a full pack and rifle I have to practice on a wet, soft, newly ploughed field the “Prepare to advance, advance!” and the “Lie down!” until I was one lump of mud and finally collapsed.
Reading Response: This tells me that the army training is a rigorous program of physical and mental training. The training is about the fundamentals of being a soldier, from combat techniques to the proper way to address a superior. The army training is designed to make each and individual solider a professional fighter.

4) P.32 He sniffs: “How should I know anything about it, I’ve amputated five legs to-day”; he shoves me away, says to the hospital-orderly “You see to it,” and hurries off to the operation room.
Reading Response: I wonder why a doctor would ignore him and go help others while his friend is dying. This tells me that there are too many wounded in the hospital. The army should improve the conditions in the ...

... middle of paper ...

... I also wonder how many people received the Iron cross.

19) P.213 More than once it has happened that some fellow has jumped joyfully into a trench, only then to discover that it was the wrong one.
Reading Response: I wonder how that could happen. I think that the enemy and the fellow that jumped in the wrong trench would be very surprised since they did not expect to be in the same trench. This also tells me that confusion can occur during a battle.

20) P. 219 I climb down, take out my handkerchief, spread it out, push it under and scoop up the yellow water that strains through into the hollow of my hand.
Reading Response: I wonder what the enemy solider would think about the author save him. The author has mercy since he is willing to do anything he can to help the wounded solider. I wonder how many people how the kindness to do that kind of thing.

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