Reading Is The Most Difficult And Revolutionary Thing Essays

Reading Is The Most Difficult And Revolutionary Thing Essays

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John Steinbeck stated that “Learning to read is probably the most difficult and revolutionary thing that happens to the human brain, and if you don 't believe that, watch an illiterate adult try to do it.” (142). The first time a child really understands the concept of reading it becomes an introduction to a whole new world. When one thinks of literacy the first thing one thinks of is the ability to be able to read and write. But literacy is much more than that, to me literacy is the key to all forms of knowledge as being literate opens up the doors to all forms of learning and continued learning. Building confidence as a reader, writer, listener and speaker is transformational in a person 's life. These core abilities are used every minute of every day to live in the world. Even in society a large degree of importance is placed on literacy. The in-class text by Sylvia Scribner states “I want to depict that is, the tendency in many societies to endow the literate person with special virtues”. (16) Throughout my life literacy has played a very important role, and has evolved and manifested itself in different styles, from my introduction as a small child up to the present.
My introduction to literacy was one of confusion and struggle. When I entered first grade, I entered as a non-reader. By the second semester of first grade I still was not reading. At this point the teachers informed my parents that I was in danger of being held back if I did not start reading. So out of desperation my mother purchased Hooked on Phonics, a series of cassette tapes with a special method of teaching a child to read. She began working diligently with me in hopes of my being able to learn to read before first grade was over to avoid being held ...

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... was making a part of myself into words as a release for the burdens that were weighing me down.
Literacy has played an important role in my life from the very beginning. Whether it was exploring the world through books as a young boy, communicating with friends, writing poetry in music, in the military, or as a therapeutic outlet, literacy has been crucial for me. It has continued to evolve through different periods in my life. Literacy opened my eyes to the world around me and helped me navigate my way through some of the darker days of my life. Later it provided me with a therapeutic outlet, when it felt like the world around me was crashing down, and during days when I wasn’t sure if I was going make it back home to see my family. Literacy will continue to play an important role in my life and, I hope, continue to manifest itself into something even greater.

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