Reading Is Not Something That Comes So Easy For Every Child Essay

Reading Is Not Something That Comes So Easy For Every Child Essay

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Reading is not something that comes so easy for every child. Sometimes, it takes patience on the teacher’s end, support from the parents, and a willingness to succeed from the child. I was this child. Initially, reading was something that I had to work for because it did not come easily to me, but my mother never gave up on me. Every since the age of 5, my mother would make me sit on her work table and read my AR book to her. It is because of her commitment and guidance that I am able to read well above the average percentile of my age group.
At 5 years old, Mom picks me up from school and we go to the family-owned flower shop where I am forced to climb upon a large wooden station table that is covered in flowers of every kind and color. When customers would walk in, I was the first sight to see; a young blonde-haired blue-eyed girl struggling to decipher the word “dog”. Across from me, my mother stands there helping me to sound out my letters and feel that sense of accomplishment when I actually get a word right. To my right, my grandmother is making floral arrangements and ...

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