Reading Instruction Based On An Assessment Essay

Reading Instruction Based On An Assessment Essay

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I demonstrated proficiency in Standard 1.1 because I organized and planned this reading instruction based on an on- going assessment. I conducted the Running Records over the course of three weeks during the student’s normal reading block. The use of this on going assessment will also allow me to see the strategies the student uses to make meaning of individual words and texts as a whole. This test helped me identify patterns in the students reading behavior so that I could help improve the student’s reading be providing useful activities and strategies to help improve the areas in which the student struggles in. It also lets me modify the student’s reading instruction by assessing the progression of the students reading over time.
I will apply what I have learned from this standard in my classroom by conducting on going assessments. On- going assessments have shown me that they provide valuable information on the progression of a student’s learning development. Therefore, I feel that this types of assessment needs to be used in academic content like reading so that I can provide feedback and helpful strategies in the student’s evolving areas of need. I will use on- going assessments to help struggling learners while receiving using the data to evaluate my effectiveness of instruction which could help me identify the areas where my instructional strategy may need to be modified for better understanding.

Standard 3.5 Use assessment data as a basis for standards-based instruction.

For this assignment, I displayed my proficiency in using assessment data as a basis for standards based instruction. After analyzing the data from the Running Records, I realized that the student had some areas of need while exhibiting strengths in he...

... middle of paper ...

... I conducted my assessment assignment. I also made sure to keep the student identify confidential so that no one knew the exact student for the report along with keeping the student’s privacy. I also used different resources to help improve my instruction for the reader that I assessed.
I will apply Standard 8.5 to help my professional development during my teaching career. I will use this standard to make sure that I am fair and understanding to every different type of student and learner in the classroom. I will make sure that I keep the relationship with my students professional so that I will not have a bias thought about a certain student. I will also seek different resources to help improve my instruction to better reach my students. I want my students to succeed to the best of their abilities therefore I will do what it take to help my students and I succeed.

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