Reading in the Development of Imagination and Gender Essay

Reading in the Development of Imagination and Gender Essay

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Children are automatically drawn to what they feel relates to them the best. From clothes to games, and even literature, children are attracted to certain elements that separate what’s “girly” and what’s “boyish”. Most children literature is designed in a manner that attracts a specific crowd. The authors and illustrators of children literature take into consideration whether they want their book to be intended for girls or for boys. However, in the story Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary, deception as to which crowd the book was intended is shown throughout the story. The books unique style has the ability to capture both young boys and young girls. By containing general phrases and avoiding specific representations of boys and girls, the structure of the book allows children to view the book not in a sense of gender but rather in a sense of fun, educational and exciting. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 lends to its children readers authorship in that the story allows children to decide whether this book is a boy book or a girl book. Cleary manages to make the story interchangeable. The shape, design, and title name of Ramona Quimby, Age 8 are all characteristics that awaken the senses of children when they are searching for a book that serves their greater interest. In this book Cleary shows how easily it is to manipulate the minds of children through the use of language within the text, and images. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 allows children to make there own decision as to what the gender of the book is. Whether boy or girl, the story is made in a way that takes children on an interesting learning experience as they delve deep within the text. Made possible for both girls and boys Beverly Clearly avoids focusing on a specific gender and we...

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... be suited for both girls and boys the stories illustrations appear to be more acceptable to boy than to girls. Research has shown proved that “girls enjoyed many boys' books, but boys refused to read most girls' books”. (Stauffer) This is an interesting static when trying to understand what might have been taken into consideration when Ramona Quimby was written. If the story did not include curiosity through the images and the text, and portrayed Ramona with long hair and girl-like features it is most like that boys would not have gained the interest to make it through the book. Tigreen made Ramona’s character so that she is just enough “girl” but much more “boy”. Girls are much more simple wile boys are hyper and energetic

The illustration take gender to a whole other level and making Ramona even relate to kids who do not relate to their gender a queer sense

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