Reading Historical Fiction Takes You Places Essay

Reading Historical Fiction Takes You Places Essay

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Just by reading, can take someone to many exciting adventures. For instance, an adventure that one can go through is “[swimming] in the seas with the little mermaid,” (Reading takes you 1). This is important, because the author is being able to use descriptive details that allows the reader to be able feel/make them like they’re with the character. Another adventure that someone could go through is to “attend fancy balls with Cinderrella,” (Reading takes you 1). When an author is showing these little details, it makes the story powerful, different, and unique. While reading Fault in our stars, I felt like I was with Hazel Grace, throwing the eggs at my blind friend’s ex-girlfriend car, having a blast. It made me there, because when the author had vividly described the background, character, and how they were doing it, the details were so descriptive and powerful to actually have me there with them in the book.

With very good reasons on why we should read historical fiction, it’s not hard to answer. History “can increase our wisdom and insight,” (Ryan and Stromberg 1) giving something to read and also something to learn from. The reason why historical fiction is good to read is because we’re actually reading something that’s not only going to give us more knowledge, but something we can maybe use later in life. We don’t just only get knowledge from it, but also being able to “step into other’s shoes,” (Ryan and Stromberg 2) which means to be the character in the story. When you become one of the characters it’s good because when they have a problem that can end up similarity happening to you, you’ll actually know what to do. Although “textbooks have their place … [it] should not be mistaken for the living body,” (Ryan and Stromber...

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... the hard conditions, with the many difficulties for just one job. Another book from Crispin by Avi, I know just because the author just says it, so the author just says the description of Aycliffe. The evidence is that when describing Aycliffe he said “black-bearded face – hard, sharp eyes and frowning lips,” (Avi 3) this shows what Aycliffe looked like by the description of Crispin. Which without that description I could have seen Ayecliffe differently. Lastly from the same book Crispin by Avi they would say the setting, but could infer, so this one describing the labor while giving extra information. “Men, women, and children were… at their lawful labor plowing, weeding, sowing, where they would remain till dusk,” (Avi 23) this showing me the hard work they went through. From that, I learned that there would probably be many fields where workers would be working.

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