Reading Comprehension Is Important Skill That Are Read And Understand What They Have Read?

Reading Comprehension Is Important Skill That Are Read And Understand What They Have Read?

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Do students understand what they read? Educators need to guide students to be able to read and understand what they have read. Reading comprehension is an important skill that is critical to be successful in their educational lives. It is an important skill that is needed in every subject area. When students are reading, they make a connection with the text and the prior knowledge of the topic that they are reading about. Comprehension is may not be an easy task but it requires the students to understand language and cognitive skills to understand what they are reading. As that is said, students struggle to create meaning of what they are reading and are not able to comprehend on what they just read.
According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress results, “an average of 69% of Students in 4th grade, 71% of adolescents in 8th grade,and 60% of adolescents in 12th grade read below the proficient level, meaning that those Students do not demonstrate strong grade-level reading proficiency” (Melekoglu, 2011, p.249). This states how the reading gap between students who have difficulties with reading comprehension and those who do not increase every year. When students are in the primary grades is where they begin to learn how to read and essential to their future success in reading.
The main concepts that students have problems within reading comprehension are paraphrasing, inferences, and connecting to the text. Reading fluency does affect students and their reading comprehension but if students are fluent it also does not mean that they are automatically going to understand what they are reading. If the students are not fluent readers that also affects reading comprehension, but in some cases, students a...

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...r components in short, narrative story passages (Boon, Paal, Hintz, & Cornelius-Freyre, 2015).
Research on story maps states that utilizing story mapping has promising results in the long run. But with every great study, there are always limitations. The limitations of this study are inclusive criteria, small-case research (that had no learning disabled students), non-standardized and heterogeneous narrative stories, little higher order comprehension skills acquired, and that most of the conducting studies were made by researchers or graduate students, etc. (Boon, Paal, Hintz, & Cornelius-Freyre, 2015). According to Singleton and Filce (2015), given the increased cognitive demands of reading comprehension at the secondary level, graphic organizers are excellent instructional tools that can be employed successfully for students with disabilities across content areas.

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