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Reading At A College Level Essay

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Throughout this semester, I’ve enhanced my knowledge of how to read and write more academically. I consider myself an average reader and writer, but reading at a college level is a lot different than high school level. For example, we were assigned to read several articles and write about them. What I had to do was write about what the authors was saying and what they meant of it. At first it was difficult for me because I thought all I had to do was to summarize the article, however, I had to write what is behind the story of the article.

I had to write about what the author is trying to say when he or she writes each sentence. For me, I see each sentence or paragraphs as vocabulary words that I have to find its meaning. I also have to explain why things happen and what’s the reason behind everything. I see it as thinking outside of the box, and it is something that I have never done in high school. It was difficult at first, but I had the help of my professor and I also had the They Say, I Say book to guide me of how to be a better reader and writer.

I am grateful that I have a lot of help for this semester, especially since it is my very first time being in college. I managed to get a lot of help on how to be a better writer. At first, I find it hard, but I managed to annotate what I thought was important for every single paragraph. Later on, I wrote about its significance. This type of method is the “Stop and Respond” method that my professor taught to me and my classmates. It is a useful tool, not only for my English class, but for my other classes as well. I also had the They Say, I Say book that had other methods of how to write or how to respond to what the author is saying and what I need to say as well.

In time, I g...

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... improved. I can look up any useful information and use it in my essay. Every writing that I did in high school was a step by step process that I had to follow. However, now I know there are various ways I can write more effectively.

I’ve been told that I need to follow the same writing tradition in college, but being here makes me see that it is very different than high school. This semester I had to think more critical and I had to give less opinion and more on what the argument of an author is about. Thinking critically is something that I haven’t done in high school. My high school teacher tells the class what the situation is about, instead of us figuring it out by ourselves. However, the class that I took in high school did prepare me for college writing by preparing how to cite my work, how to do research, and it made it easier for me to write long essays.

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