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Reading And Writing Of Writing Essay

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The one thing that really stood out to me when I was younger was the way things worked. Specifically, the way things are made and put together. At first this curiosity was small, it was a thought that didn’t really grow till I got older. When I was around the 3rd grade that’s when reading and writing became an interest. Not only did I like to read and write, but I also liked to draw. Reading and writing was the gateway to my drawings. When I would read something I would draw whenever I would become inspired. When I would have writing activities in class I would wander off into space and imagine different things and later on sketch them out. These things are what started the literacy I later went down in life.

In all honestly I didn’t get really interested in literature as I am now until around the 8th grade. Between 3rd grade and 8th I was going through some personal struggles which caused me to really distance myself from any type of literacy as far as in depth. Once the 8th grade came I started to really get a hold of my interests and began developing a passion for it. When I finally reached my sophomore year of high school I was enrolled in mostly advanced placement classes on of them being an English literature class. I was able to write out any ideas that came to more. I was put to many challenges that really made me appreciate literature more than previously. It was at that point I knew what career path I wanted to pursue, film production. At first I was really doubtful and even hesitant to think about beginning this path, but later on I realized that at some point risking it all might be the only choice you have. I will in fact be working on ways to make this career and dream a reality, granted it will take a good amount ...

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...tarted to peak my interest a little. Sooner or later he was giving me more challenging tasks and jobs. I found myself using the math that I called myself despising to work on certain tasks. After realizing math was more useful than I thought, I started using it more and more. After a while I started doing stuff on my own. I was able to tile whole bathrooms, put up drywall, put on plaster, put in a floor, sweat pipes and much more. Instead of denying the usefulness of math, I embraced it. With that embrace came knowledge. After a while of working with my hands and learning useful skills I then realized that I could be great at working in real estate development. Thanks to the few things that I learned from my grandpa I discovered something I could be great at. That is the reason why I am pursuing a financing degree, to increase my knowledge and expand my career path.

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