Reader Response to Chapter One of The God of Small Things Essay

Reader Response to Chapter One of The God of Small Things Essay

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The approach employed in the present article is binarism. Theoretically, in my opinion, binarism seems to operate at cognitive level. It pertains to value orientation in the subjective world of human beings and thereby to the world orientation. In order to define the place of a thing in the world and an individual’s association and desirability, we are forced to rely on binary approach of studying the world. Coming to literature, I discuss the binary terms of (historical) fact and fiction. Here, I have tried to apply the binary approach and have tried to analyze the binary value orientation in Arundhati Roy’s novel ‘The God of Small Things. I want to demonstrate that it is the tension between the superior and Inferior in the fiction as well as in fact that forms the subject matter of the chapter one of the novel. The present study is based on the textual interpretation. The focus of the study is to analyze various discourses based on the caste stratification, the patriarchal joint family, the feminist voices, the political grouping etc voiced in the novel.

1 Introduction:
The God of Small Things, the Booker prize winning Novel by Arundhati Roy, is a powerful predicament of a powerlessness of the people so called citizen of India. The novel presents an excellent and deep study and understanding, sociological and psychological, of various social groups and social sections of the society. Roy has succeeded to a great extent to make those voices speak which silenced in the actual and practical, welfare, democratic, socialistic and liberal society in India. Multiple Voices of the various downtrodden sections of Indian society articulate their whims, wishes, aspiration silently. Various groups such as dalits (untouchables), l...

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.... He has discovered or for that matter invented a substitute culprit responsible for what has happened in the form of ‘necessary politics’ as he calls it. Though himself a political man, he successfully throws away the blame of being unsuccessful. He being very professional of what he termed as ‘necessary politics’ is able to emerge unscathed through chaos. Though the same emerging big God has infected his faculties as well but he is able to hide the symptoms like a chameleon hides himself to catch a prey.

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