Essay on Reactions to Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

Essay on Reactions to Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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Historical Investigative Report: Reaction to Lincoln Assassination
Abraham Lincoln assassination was the one of the most tragic event in American history. Lincoln was assassinated by itinerant Southern actor John Wilkes Booth. On the evening April 14, 1865 Lincoln attended a special performance of the comedy at the Fords Theater, where he was shot. The bullet had entered through Lincoln’s left ear and lodged behind his right eye. He was paralyzed; doctor’s tried their best efforts but failed. He died at 7:22 AM on April 15th. The reason behind the assassination was the victory of the Civil War. When Booth heard that Lincoln was going to free the slave’s right after the Civil War, then he decided to kill Lincoln. The assassination occurred just five days after Civil War. People celebrated the victory across the North delectating to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was the symbol of Union and Freedom. After Lincoln death, nation was in shocked, for instance, hate, respect, adore, and worship were some distinctive reaction towards Lincoln death.
Abraham Lincoln’s death did not matter to everyone and people had different reactions to this act. For example, William Starr Basinger said that, “Lincoln was not a martyr “(5). In other words, Lincoln did not suffer death and people did not care about him and think that he did not do any favor for dying. William shows hate and jealousy towards Lincoln and did not appreciate him. In addition, some people hated Lincoln and his death was a huge favor for them. For instance, a confederate soldier Louis A. Bringler said that, “one piece of “good news” cheered him up considerably when he received it: “The death of the tyrant old Abe” (5). To explain, Bringler was cheered and happy for Lincoln’s death an...

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...eater crisis and no President ever accomplished as much as Abraham Lincoln did.
In conclusion, the new of Lincoln death has stunned the whole nation around the world. Lincoln was the first U.S President to be assassinated. His death caused us to be weak and every people reacted differently some even celebrated. Abraham Lincoln was considered the Union's most powerful and expressive voice. Lincoln was the man that pursues to end slavery. African Americans also mourned because they considered him to be their savior. There were different reaction in both North and South. The South reaction was complete opposite to the North, the people in the North cried and mourned while the Southerner threw parties and celebrated. Not all the Southerners were excited, some followed the Northerners. The death of Abraham Lincoln has raised the emotion and struck many by surprise.

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