Reaction To Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson Essay

Reaction To Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson Essay

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To start this paper, I initially typed in every one of Haw's motivational wall writings. I then analyzed them as they related to Johnson's message, my life, and to each other. Now, after writing this paper, I can assert that this story appeals to its audience on a level much more personal than their career. The story assists one's self in diminishing a fear of change. It is this core purpose that has the potential to influence the many facets of a human's life, be it in the workplace, love, or another achievement. It is through this personal appeal that I will write my reaction to the text.

Spencer Johnson originally wrote his short story "Who Moved My Cheese" as personal encouragement to help himself through his own life. After realizing how well it applied to his situation, he published the book to a worldwide audience, which responded to it in high esteem. While I do recognize the value in this book and agree with Johnson on many of the issues it addresses, some ideas Johnson presents could prove fatal to the worldwide audience captivated by them.
Almost every human being, if asked the question "What makes you happy?" would respond in words such as success, money, comfort and true love. Johnson utilizes this anticipated response in his book by cleverly summarizing every possible answer into one word. Throughout the story, Johnson equates anything that makes us happy with Cheese. The two serve the same purpose and are interchangable. Any mention of Cheese is also a reference to the desire for happiness in the human mind. He declares this in his book via one of Haw's wall carvings: "Having Cheese makes you happy." (Johnson 30) With this knowledge, we can continue our analysis of the text.
Disregarding the story of the hi...

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...nge. I ignored it, comparable to Hem and his "Cheeseless situation," referencing Haw's writing concerning the safer nature of looking for happiness after a given change instead of remaining attatched to one's life before the change. It is compelling to note that I did not begin to relinquish my fears and accept the change until I finished reading Johnson's short story. I realized that if I did not change, I would become extinct, my reality as a person enjoying happiness would cease to exist. I adapted to the opportunity that this book presented to me.
In conclusion, Johnson's book "Who Moved My Cheese," should not be accepted at the literal level. It requires a deeper analysis. However, once this understanding is reached, this book is capable of helping people achieve happiness.

1. Johnson, Spencer / "Who Moved My Cheese"
2. Grady, Victoria / Lecture One and Two

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