Reaction to an Exception in the Norm: A Personal Experiment Essay

Reaction to an Exception in the Norm: A Personal Experiment Essay

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The Norms

A norm is a group-held belief about how followers should perform in a given environment.[1] Sociologists describe norms as informal identifications that administer society’s performances, while psychologists have adopted a more general classification, recognizing smaller group divisions, like a team or an office, may also endorse norms detached or in addition to cultural or societal expectations. [2] Norms running counter to the activities of the primary society or culture may be conducted and retained within small subgroups of society. [3] For example, Crandall (1988) noted that certain groups like cheerleading squads, dance troupes, sports teams, and sororities have a rate of bulimia, a publicly recognized life-threatening disease that is much higher than society as a whole. Social norms have a way of maintaining order and organizing groups. [4]


When I was at work I would only speak English. Most Spanish people adapt to a new norm and (thrown out their old norm) not know if a person can speak to them by their native language. Since I knew some Spanish I woul...

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