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The Reaction Of Eighty Shades Of Grey Essay

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The Reaction of Fifty Shades of Grey
The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, portrayals its dominant ideology sexuality through the story between two main characters: a female literature student named Anastasia Steele, and a young male billionaire Christian Grey. In this movie, it indicates strong traditional heterosexuality, and it reflects the gender roles about submission and dominance, which leads to gender inequality through misinformation. Although entertaining and refreshing, this movie brings more negative impacts more than positive ones.
The first intimacy they encounter is a long kiss in the evaluator initiated by Christian. He always signs the contract with the lady before he can touch her. However, Ana was an exception to this rule as because Christian kisses her without signing a contract. This is a great example of male dominance in some relationships, which means the male can break the rules, but the female cannot.
More importantly, Christian says he will never sleep on the same bed with a woman at first because romance is not his desire, which means his purpose is to resolve his sexual needs without becoming emotional. However, when Christian asks for sexual habits of Ana, she cannot come up with an answer because she is still a virgin. Consequently, Christian becomes surprised and excited and begins hugging and kissing her. Also, he does a lot of foreplay to make Ana relaxed, and she groans and twists her body without control. Overall, Ana enjoys her first sexual intercourse. Compare to what Christian proclaims earlier, he sleeps with Ana on the same bed that night, which gives Ana a false sense of security just like other new couples.
There are more details of sexuality in the movie. For example, when Ana is on her...

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...nsider leaving immediately to prevent getting entrapped in a vicious cycle both physically and psychologically, just like what Ana has done in the movie; her courage and instinct are what I should learn from her. A lot of women get trapped in their relationships, even under the incredible abuse of domestic violence and psychological torments, they often become silent and fail to acknowledge their abusive environment and will continue to find excuses just to cope through the day; that is something I should not tolerate, as no loving relationships would thrive when one party takes complete control over the other one.
If I meet the wrong person or being forced to do something, I should reject and leave immediately. This movie brings a lot of thinking about sexuality, sexual orientation and gender issues, and it does influence audiences in many different perspectives.

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