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Raymond As A Young Child Essay example

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As a young child, Raymond was just like every other child with a wondering mind. His wondering mind also cause him to have some fear as he always thought of the worst possible thing that could happen to him as he stuck his nose into everything trying to understand life. Raymond continues to grow up and his mind also started to wonder more and more every single day. He started to fear life more when a dog bit him as a young child. Raymond was walking down the road when he cross path with the owner and dog. He asked the owner if he could pet the dog, the owner gave him the okay and said the dog is the sweetest dog and it would not bite. Well, the owner was wrong, Raymond reached to pet the dog and the dog snapped and bites his hand puncturing his flesh and after this event it, he got to the point where he could not live life without fearing of all the worst possible scenario of any situation. Living his life in fear, caught up with him, as he could not handle it, went insane and took things in his own hands. It was so bad, he tried to be the most careful person to ever live but some situation, he could not help.
One morning as the weather took a turn for the worst; he decided he had to get his day started, as he needed some grocery from the store. It was early, dark and raining heavy when he left his house, He was going down the road carefully as he was afraid of something happen and at the point where he thought he was good, he got into a fender bender as he lost control of his car. He sat his car trying to put together what had happened, the people in the other car got out to make sure he was okay. When he seen the people walking to his car, he made a run for it. His car was not damaged as bad as the other car, he got it to start...

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... his mother everything she needed. He convinced himself that he could not do it and he started to fear of living too long as he watched his mother struggle around his house. Raymond could not stand the fact, he could not step up and take care of his mother, it drove him to a insane. Raymond could not think straight and was always getting confused. He got confused often; it caused him to fear being confused. Raymond at this point could not handle life at all. He feared he was going to live too long and that he could not take of himself anymore. Raymond ended up fearing everything in life; he could not live anymore and took things into his own hands. He feared of death but his fear of everything else, drove him insane and he committed suicide to end his life. His life was full of fear, that fear got the best of him and he could not handle it anymore and took his life.

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