Rayaale Should Not Serve Another Term Essay

Rayaale Should Not Serve Another Term Essay

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Generally, African leaders come to power in two aspects. Either they gain control by Coup D’etat or by free and fair elections, and at times through inheritance i.e Lethoso.

Either way, they end up in a fight against the will of their own people, and become dictators in a short while exception a few. Once treasured Rayaale, president of Somaliland later became infamous for misrule. Well, he precipitated many problems that could lead the country into anarchy at anytime.

Injustice is one of the terrible problems attributed to Rayaale. Unfortunately, the majority of Judges and prosecutors in the Ministry of justice are not qualified for the job. Professional conduct is out of hand. Paying a dime or two for bribery, even if you have committed 1st degree murder, you could the case in your favor. In other words, if you squatter in a house or a plot of land owned by another person and claim that it is your property then you could have it. When you hear me saying that you could say it is impossible, but there is nothing impossible here. In reality, it happened more than once and I will explain to you how. All you have to do is, go to the front yards of government courts. You will find there men playing nine men’s Morris (shax) in groups, just to pass the time until they get a customer, who could oil their palm nicely. These men are the false witnesses. The penny you give them talks – once you do that, you win the case. Finally, judges and prosecutors commit enormous damages on the pretext of law against the people and constitution. They never abide the law, as there is no one above the law. Certainly, they are guilty in that, they decree wrongful convictions, false confessions and obstruction of justice in the course of their dail...

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...east to the scale of jobbery in his administration.

A fourth affliction is Rayaale’s record on human rights. Abuse of human rights in Somaliland is rife. There is no freedom of expression at full-scale. Last year Human rights watch reported three politicians jailed for their views. In addition, the organization raised the case of Maxamad Daahir Cumar, a journalist the police have beaten him with a club and seized his camera, while he was doing his news coverage in Dacarbudhuq, a small district adjacent to Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

In conclusion, Rayaale has done much chaos in the country, but the most important ones are namely injustice, corruption, unemployment and human rights abuse. One can see that Rayaale is not competent to lead the country. Thus, I strongly believe that it is a grave mistake to vote for him again for another term in office.

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