Essay on Ray Rice 's Impact On Youth Community

Essay on Ray Rice 's Impact On Youth Community

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A year and a half ago, Ray Rice was one of the top running backs in the National Football League. Rice had it all, money, fame, and a successful career in the pros, but who knew that Rice would be capable of such a terrible act of violence. Kids all over the country looked up to him for how he played the game and even how he acted. Rice made an impact in the lives of many young people due to his signature event, Ray Rice Day, where he gave hundreds of kids instruction and encouragement, and also fun by playing football.(Ray Rice Makes Impact in Youth Community,1). Adults looked up to Rice too, due to his multiple charities that he is very active in. Rice’s persona was great until February 15, 2014. On this date, Rice and his then fiancee, Janay Palmer, got into an altercation in an elevator in the early morning after a very long night of heavy drinking. Rice and Palmer got physical and Rice knocked her out, then continued to drag her out of the elevator. The police were called, and they were both arrested on the scene and taken to jail. Ray Rice tarnished his image after being such a respected person in the NFL community and all around the world. One camera almost ruined his life, but Rice is trying to make everyone believe that he really is a good person again, and that what he did was just a horrible mistake. People have views on Rice before, during, and after the domestic violence incident. Rice’s persona before the incident was great.
Before Ray Rice got in trouble, everyone thought of him highly, especially all the kids that dreamed of growing up and wanting to be exactly like him. “The fact that it [filled up] in like point zero seconds shows the type of impact that he has in our community,”(Jeff Zrebiec, 1). He helped out...

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... it ended up being handled. Punching his now-wife in the face and knocking her out and continuing to drag her from the elevator was just not right. Fighting is never a way to solve an argument, and now he has to deal with the consequences of being hated by many and never having the life he once had again.
Ray Rice ruined his persona by getting into a fight with his wife. No one remembers the old Rice and probably never will. Rice had a good persona, then he ruined it all, and now he is trying to gain his good persona back after the domestic violence charge. Now all Rice hopes for is another shot in the pros, and to get his act together. The last thing he wants is for the world to remember him by his now internet famous “elevator knockout”. All Rice can do now is be a good person and try to get his persona backup and hope that the world will give him a second chance.

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