Essay on Ray Comfort Is A New Zealand Born American Christian Evangelist

Essay on Ray Comfort Is A New Zealand Born American Christian Evangelist

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America is an easily divided nation, especially when it comes to political stances. Often people seem not to even consider the implication of their vote. In his film, “180”, Ray Comfort poses questions aimed at changing people’s votes. Ray Comfort is a New Zealand born American Christian evangelist. He is also the founder of Living Waters Publications, and has written numerous books. In the documentary, Comfort successfully compares the Holocaust to America’s rising abortion epidemic while using ethos, logos, and pathos build an engaging argument.
The documentary interview begins with Comfort questioning several people at random. The first question he asks is if they know how Adolph Hitler is. The results are shocking; only a diminutive percentage of the people Comfort questioned knew who the ruthless criminal was. Comfort then asks his interviewees about what they personally would do in scenarios related to the Holocaust. After the questions about the genocide come to an end he asks a question that seems off topic; Comfort asks for their input on abortion. Most of the interviewees claim to be pro-choice; advocating legalized abortion. Comfort links the two subjects together stumping the audience and he successfully changed eight of the interviewees perspectives on legalized abortion by using rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos. Comfort also finishes the interview by asking the people if they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and if not he strongly encourages them to develop a relationship with Jesus.
Ray Comfort uses pathos successfully as he gets in touch with the audience’s emotions and persuades eight people to change their perspectives. At the beginning of the discussion Comfort asks the audience if they were ...

... middle of paper ...

...offense. So, the answers given to each question were building the credibility of the audience members. If it was not truly credible, the answers would fall on themselves and Comfort would have a way to show them truth. Comfort also uses ethos; a credible source, to persuade the interviewees outlook toward becoming pro-choice; supporting the murder of unborn children inside of the mother’s womb. He uses the sixth commandment from the Bible that states, “Thou shall not kill.” (Bible.) For those who may believe or heard of God this made the interviewees feel shameful. When the people try to start an argument stating that the fetus does not become a baby until three months of age in the mother’s womb, but in the documentary he shows the viewers actual footage of a baby in the womb at three weeks, in the video you can clearly see the baby’s eyes, hands, and beating heart.

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