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Ray Bradbury's Use of Technology Essay

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Many of Ray Bradbury’s works are satires on modern society from a traditional, humanistic viewpoint (Bernardo). Technology, as represented in his works, often displays human pride and foolishness (Wolfe). “In all of these stories, technology, backed up by philosophy and commercialism, tries to remove the inconveniences, difficulties, and challenges of being human and, in its effort to improve the human condition, impoverishes its spiritual condition” (Bernardo). Ray Bradbury’s use of technology is common in Fahrenheit 451, “The Veldt,” and The Martian Chronicles.
Bradbury, who had grown up with books as a child, uses the plot of Fahrenheit 451 to represent how literature is simply being reduced. He focuses on the contrast between a world of books and a world of televisions. According to the article “Fahrenheit 451,” from the first days of television in the 1950’s, when all Americans scrambled to have one in their home, “watching television has competed with reading books” (148). Edward Eller suggests another reason for the rich use of technology in Fahrenheit 451: in WWII, just before the publishing of the novel, “technological innovations allowed these fascist states to more effectively destroy the books they did not find agreeable and produce new forms of communication implanted with state-sanctioned ideas” (Eller 150). The idea of written fiction being replaced by large televisions evidently seemed logical at the time.
One of the major technological advancements in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is the development of robots. The Mechanical Hound, a fierce creature that seems to have powers greater than human ones, “represent[s] the whole technological society for Montag” (Kerr). This creature was created to catch criminals a...

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