Ray Bradbury's Fear of Modern Technology Essay

Ray Bradbury's Fear of Modern Technology Essay

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Technology has become an increasingly advanced as well as an important aspect in modern society. That is why Ray Bradbury, the author of Fahrenheit 451, was right to fear books and other printed sources would be replaced by modern technology. Technology has contributed to the significant loss of time children spend reading. Additionally, eBooks have replaced print books. Moreover, television and radio have replaced newspapers as the dominant source of information.
Many people argue that technology has made information from printed sources more available. “We can all come together immediately, live, in words or pictures, thanks to the power of cell phones, computers, televisions, and cameras. The way we socialize, learn, plan, and communicate are constantly improving because of advancing technology” (Walker). Walker continues to state that students can take classes that many small or poverty-stricken communities wouldn’t be able to offer. For example, foreign languages and advanced courses are some classes that small or poor communities just cannot offer in a classroom setting. 1.75 million students took these online courses last year, and it is predicted to increase to 10.5 million students by the year 2014. However, this has decreased the amount of textbooks sold. “According to a recent survey, 62 percent of students said they would choose an electronic textbook over a new print textbook” (“THEY WOULD SAY THAT....”). Many students are choosing electronic textbooks over print textbooks.
Undoubtedly, educational programming, such as Sesame Street, has played a significant role in educating children in a fun and interactive way. “Educational television has proved an important tool in strengthening the preschool ski...

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