Ray Bradbury 's Use Of Dark Descriptive Language Essays

Ray Bradbury 's Use Of Dark Descriptive Language Essays

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In a stringent, futuristic world dominated by media, The Pedestrian, written by Ray Bradbury, showed the perils of losing humanity, in an age flooded with technology. Bradbury’s use of dark descriptive language coupled with futuristic emptiness and a strong, amiable character, left the reader saddened yet inspired. The dystopian parable rendered Bradbury’s life in Los Angeles, with its bleak attack on urban alienation. “Ray Bradbury Biography” Bradbury 's work evokes the themes of isolation, technology, censorship, and humanistic values. “America is not anything if it consists of each of us. It is something only if it consists of us all [together].” (Wilson 13).

Bradbury’s stories celebrate ordinary life; in a field preoccupied with the future. Bradbury 's vision, found primarily in the past, incorporates childhood experiences into his work. “Ray Bradbury Biography.” Bradbury’s implicit characterization and vibrant use of imagery, establishes hidden messages for the reader’s interpretation; often exposing components of hope. Bradbury’s imagery plays a key role in understanding the close relationships between his characters and the major themes of the story.

The Pedestrian, published in 1953, portrayed heavily on a dark, mystic scenery. Set in November of 2052; elements of desolate streets and constant television broadcast surround the protagonist, Mr. Leonard Mead. Mead, a novelistic writer, found enjoyment in evening walks, compared to the other brain-dead civilians, who glued themselves to their television sets; watching mindlessly in their bleak, barren homes. Bradbury’s imagery built the setting with similes on death recurring constantly. “The people sat like the dead.”, “A tomb-like building”, and “walking through a gravey...

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...f his profession, Montag began illegally reading books and hiding them in his home. Technology in Fahrenheit 451, prohibits happiness, causing depression and suicide in the society. Both in The Pedestrian and Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury conveyed new media such as the television and internet; negatively affecting human interest in reading and socialism.

Through lonely, ill-fated, descriptive language, The Pedestrian left readers shocked and whirling with realism of the story. Bradbury 's message hit home as a firm warning, yet adds a glimpse of hope. The Pedestrian prompt its reader to reflect on their surroundings and continue its relevance despite the vast changing world. Bradbury’s descriptive imagery, writing and prediction of the future, invokes readers in expressing their individuality; for fear, their journey towards a mindless, corruptive behavior already began.

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