Essay on Raw Milk Should Be Legal

Essay on Raw Milk Should Be Legal

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Since the beginning of time, people have been drinking milk. Even today you will find a gallon of milk in almost every refrigerator in America. Milk is, and has always been, a staple of our diet. Because it contains essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, milk is considered one of nature's perfect foods. Unfortunately, throughout the last century milk has been subjected to many forms of modern processing practices, which deprive milk from many of its natural qualities and benefits. Therefore many essential vitamins and enzymes are lost. Processing milk has altered one of nature’s perfect foods and changed it into something nature did not intend. Because of the abundant health benefits in raw milk, this report will explain why it should be made legal for consumers to buy throughout the United States.
Milk today is not what it used to be. Only three percent of the U.S. population regularly consumes raw, unprocessed milk regularly (CDC). Before the process of pasteurization, cultures throughout history thrived on raw milk. In America, the first cows were brought to the Jamestown colony in 1610. Cottage dairying in America started in 1620, with the large importation of cattle from Europe. As the nation moved west, settlers sought pastures and room for more cattle. Most families had a family cow, and even small dairies were family-owned. During this time, cows fed off lush, green pastures. Ron Schmid observes, in his Untold Story of Milk, “Milk in America at the beginning of the nineteenth century was of the same character as the milk that had nurtured humanity for many thousands of years . . . This was soon to change, as the growth of the cities would lead to changes in milk that would have devastating effect...

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