##rave Horror Movies, The Tipping Point, And Why We Crave Horror Movies Essay

##rave Horror Movies, The Tipping Point, And Why We Crave Horror Movies Essay

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In modern society, people take pride on being unique. Despite the fact that people strive to be individuals, our country is structured around social norms. In the instance of these essays, the classification of social issues act as umbrella term and can be used in a variety of different situations. The essays “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, “The Tipping Point”, and “On Self Respect” all analyze different social issues. Steven King evaluates people’s mental health and how it effects their desire to watch horror movies. “The Tipping Point”, by Malcom Gladwell studies different social issues and what made them topple to the point of being classified as epidemics. In “On Self Respect”, Joan Didion analyzes self-respect, how we obtain it, and the process of it diminishing over time. All of these essays cover different topics, but all have the same common theme of redefining social norms.
“Why We Crave Horror Movies,“ written by Steven King, is both an informative and persuasive essay. King uses his writing skills and charming sense of humor to explain why people want the thrill of being scared. Author of many award-winning books, Steven King believes that the reason his books are so successful is “we are all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better” (King, 298). He writes this essay as a way to persuade people his books are worth reading. The audience that King targets through this essay is thrill seekers, and adult novel readers. Using descriptive words, an interesting story, and superb presentation as his elements of creative non-fiction, King explores why people crave horror movies.
The title of the essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies” is significant because it suggests that people have ...

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...ked the end of her innocence. By nature, people hold themselves to the standard that other people have for them, making them their own worst critic and never allowing them to express themselves. Joan Didion alludes characters with self-respect, such as Jordan from The Great Gatsby. To have self-respect means that you are still in a phase of innocence.

This essay used personal stories, and references to characters to get across the ideas behind self-respect. Some may argue that it did not do its job, since the goal of most essays is to make a point to readers instead of just to one’s self. Despite this, the essay is still very well written, and relatable to everyone who struggles with personal identity. I enjoyed reading this essay, but found it hard to follow at times. I also think here “I don’t care if anyone reads this or not” ideal comes off arrogant.

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