Rationalisation in the Work Place Essay

Rationalisation in the Work Place Essay

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The proven success of rationalisation in the work place, with outcomes such as increased efficiency cut costs and implemented control within an organisation, provide arguments for why rationalisation should be applied to an organisation looking to cut costs. Rationalisation includes methods for increasing the efficiency of work. Drawing on the techniques of bureaucracy and rational work designs, such as Taylorism and Fordism which are still prominent in contemporary organisations such as McDonalds, this essay will discuss why applying methods of rationalisation to Junction Hotel will be beneficial in terms of cutting costs and increasing the workers efficiency. However, drawing from the writings of sociologist Max Weber, this essay will also highlight the less desirable effects that accompany rationalisation such as the dehumanising and disenchanting mode of work. Taking into account psychological perspectives, it is important that whilst considering adopting rationalisation to an organisation, other factors such as workers personality and motivation are also taken into account as they too influence the workers efficiency.
French industrialist, Henri Fayol, hypothesised five main functions that managers should implement in order to reach organisational goals. This includes planning, organising, coordinating, commanding and exerting control. As an organisation gets larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and organise. Direct form of control ceases to be effective resulting in dysfunction and havoc within the organisation. To counteract the problem of diminishing control, certain aspects of impersonal control are adopted. This includes using bureaucratic structures and procedures which make-up the rational organis...

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