Essay on The Rationale For The Sociology Of Religion Reading List

Essay on The Rationale For The Sociology Of Religion Reading List

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The Rationale for the Sociology of Religion Reading List
The sociology of religion is the study of the beliefs, practices and organizational forms of religion using the tools and methods of the discipline of sociology. Thus, the purpose of this comprehensive exam is to give me an opportunity to demonstrate mastery over relevant theories, methods, and empirical findings in major subfields of the sociology of religion. This reading list also provides a strong foundation in the central theoretical perspectives, main classic and current debates, and prominent published empirical studies in the field. Hence, this reading list includes a core set of readings to which we most often refer in our studies and enables comprehensive analyses about the key and controversial issues of the field, which provide professional background, skills and teaching resources in the sociology of religion. In addition, I engage with various personal readings, which directly develops my research topic. Finally, the themes and coverage of the reading list is substantially broader than a dissertation topic, and aims to cover foundational readings and current scholarship in various subfields.
I organized subfields that match the scope of my doctoral research as well as expanding my expertise within the sociology of religion. Therefore, my subfields consist of (1) general readings of the sociology of religion, (2) religion in the modern world, (3) religion and modernity, (4) secularism and secularization debate, (5) religion and immigration, and (6) sociology of Islam in the West and the modern world, which may be particularly useful for me because my emerging research agenda draws on multiple lines of scholarship in the sociology of religion.
These subfields hav...

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...rstanding of Islam that is suited to the unique challenges, opportunities, and circumstances that face Muslim communities in contemporary era and modern societies. Thus, these inquiries require understanding the connection between the sociology of religion and immigration as well as sociology of Islam for a better understanding of these interactions.
Finally, these subfields give a significant overview of the current context and scholarship in which my research is situated by referring to contemporary debates and questions in the sociology of religion. These subfields also help me to contextualize my dissertation proposal and describe the larger picture that provides the specialized background and creates the space for my research in the field. Lastly, these subfields will help me how I use sociological terminology for my research within my multidisciplinary sources.

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