Rationale For A Nurse Leader Selection Essay

Rationale For A Nurse Leader Selection Essay

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Objective of the Interview
The overall goal in mind of this interview process was to gain a new lens of professionalism, routine analysis, and inter-professional collaboration to look through from a seasoned nurse leader with a similar career path to my desired future continuance of nursing education and practice.
Rationale for Nurse Leader Selection
According to Hoffart (2013), leadership is defined as “an interactive process that provides needed guidance and direction” (p.375). I knew upon receiving this assignment that I wanted to interview a DNP as that is my desired end goal and I would be able to examine the definition of leadership both inter-professionally and the role within the population he/she served. The interviewee that I ultimately chose was Dr. Carol Buller. She graduated from a diploma nursing program in the 1960’s and continued on after years of experience to receive her BSN, and then her GNP and FNP at a doctoral level. She has worked in many different areas from her origin as an RN such as pediatrics, hospice, medical-surgical, and community health. She currently is a graduate clinical faculty member at the University of Kansas School of Nursing and operates a collaborative private geriatric practice in the state of Kansas.
List of Interview Questions
I. What type of leadership do you feel you employ in both your KU SON related clinical teaching and your private practice?
II. What type of leadership or leader characteristics have you observed in practice and which of these do you feel has been the most effective in patient outcomes or motivation of staff throughout your professional career?
III. What has your career path been like and why did you choose to obtain both an FNP and GNP certification?
IV. Wh...

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...ion and opportunities for relationship building which ultimately would result in better communication and better outcomes for the patients both herself and her physician colleague treat.
Some clarification I would’ve initiated had I the time to do so would have been asking more questions about her practice and scope to get a broader understanding of the profession in action. My curiosity is peaked about the day to day routine and I will most likely pursue a shadowing opportunity to further my technical understanding about the DNP role. My goal of obtaining a DNP still remains the same at the conclusion of my interview and in fact is stronger. At the core of my being I love building and maintaining caring relationships of all ages, the challenge of clinical reasoning, and the perk of independence. My current chosen career path still remains central to that aspiration.

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