Rationale And Purpose Of A Person Centered Group Essay

Rationale And Purpose Of A Person Centered Group Essay

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Rationale and Purpose:
According to Gladding (2016), “ Psychoducational groups were originally developed for use in educational settings, specifically public schools” (pg,9). Carl Rogers approached counseling in groups and found it can be an effective approach. The first concept is to trust in the inner resources of persons (Gladding, 2016). The second concept is the trust of the group (Gladding, 2016). If teenagers can feel comfortable in the environment, they will feel that they can participate. The clear picture is that teenagers are free to talk about. Sometimes all they need is to be heard; teenagers just need someone to listen to what they have to say. The key to a person-centered group is the development of self-awareness and awareness of others. (Gladding, 2016).
The purpose of the group is so that middle school girls can obtain a higher self-efficacy of themselves through self-esteem activities. Teenage girls need to be aware of their own emotions and their development so that they can become more self-aware. According to Bailey (2003) of self-esteem is, “A simplistic term for varied and complex mental states pertaining to how one views oneself.” Teenage girls are going through many changes that in turn can lead to low self-esteem. Furthermore, low self-esteem can lead to the negative influence of the making of important life decisions. Teenagers tend to depend on friends more than their family. Teenagers need to be aware of their unique qualities that make them special. Self-esteem impacts the way a teenager acts everyday. Self-esteem can impact how they develop friendships with others, their ability to learn and how they can manage issues that might arise.

Goals and Objectives:
The group will cons...

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...up members after they have had enough time to process what they experienced in the group and work on their goals or objectives’ (pg. 159). There are several ways to follow up with group members (Gladding, 2016). One way is to meet with the students individually and as a group. It is important to allow a more private setting with the student. The environment of the classroom was already set with the group and this helps the students feel comfortable. By this having individual meetings allows the student to be able to speak up of what they liked about the group therapy and what they did not like about the group therapy. The school counselor can also ask questions dealing with strategies the students have tried and how they felt about the overall experience. Another question can also be if students were able to see things differently after completing the session.

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