Essay Rational Thought And Emotions : The Internal Battle For Balance

Essay Rational Thought And Emotions : The Internal Battle For Balance

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“Rational Thought & Emotions: The Internal Battle for Balance.”
Emotions are powerful, innate sensations that can control and influence numerous aspects of our lives from our actions to our mood and even our social relationships. Many believe that our emotions are an evolutionary mechanism designed to help an individual respond appropriately to the environment around them. Regardless of ones perspective on emotions, it is irrefutable how big of an influence emotions can have on an individual; especially if one lets their emotions get the better of them. During an emotional outburst people say and do things that are often regretted and could potentially get one into trouble with the law, which can have a lasting impact on one’s life. Considering the large amount potential downfalls associated with emotions one might have trouble seeing the potential benefits, believing that our emotions will only cloud our judgment, thus giving us a less sophisticated view of the world. On the contrary, others assert that our emotions are the only way to understand and effectively function in the world around us. However, I believe neither of these statements are fully true. Our emotions are like a double-edged sword that can undoubtedly work against us in many instances, but can also provide us an advantage when faced with hard decisions and challenges. Finding the balance between emotions and rational thought is the key to navigating and understanding the world around us. If one side of this emotional and rational thought balance outweighs the other, we will quickly lose control of the situation at hand.
Before discussing the negative effects of emotions, one must first cover the advantages and how emotions enhance our day-to-day experiences. F...

... middle of paper ...

...quire techniques to deal with these stressors in an appropriate emotional response as our life or even the lives of others may depend on it one day.
Being able to self-regulate our emotions is critical to navigating the world around us. We must find a balance between emotional expression and rational thought as our emotions are not always rational, but without them we would lose the novelty in our lives. Rational thought and emotional disconnect is essential in many aspects in life and can help us to become exceptionally successful individuals, especially in the professional world as it will prevent the petty details form affecting our work performances. However, if we are always disconnected we will not enjoy life to the fullest and will be socially disconnected from our friends and family. Life is a constant battle of opposing forces that we must learn to balance.

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