The Rational System Perspective Define Organizations Essay example

The Rational System Perspective Define Organizations Essay example

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Ashton Reidelberger
Organizations as Rational Systems
A.) How does the rational system perspective define organizations?
B.) Summarize the theories of Taylor, Weber, and Simon.
“ Organizations are collectivities oriented to the pursuit of relatively specific goals and exhibiting relatively highly formalized social structures” (page 29). The rational system is a group of individuals, bound together as an organization, designed to reach predetermined goals. The rational system models sees organizations as a mechanical model. A machine that has multiple parts that also works individually but also work together for the better good of the whole. All the individuals of the group can be replaced with a new one if it doesn’t meet the standards of the organization, so that it can improve the overall performance of the machine. To be a rational system an organization has a formal list of rules and stated goals it hopes to achieve.
The scientific management approach that came about in the late nineteenth century was by Fredrick Taylor, and was then continued out by his followers, such as Henry Gantt, Charles Bedeaux, and Frank and Lillian Gilberth (page 41). They believed you could study activities or work performed by workers and learn how to get the maximum results but use fewer resources. Maximum output with minimum input. Taylor believed it is better to get workers to perform task more orderly, and the results would be better than forcing employees to work harder. Leaders and workers originally did not communicate with each other very often. Taylor says productivity would increase if the workers and their manager had a closer relationship and more communication. They could work together to improve the company as a whole. He believed th...

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...did a study on 1956 about managerial ideologies. The managers or leaders use influence within the organization to get workers to follow them and work together for the company. They use this conflict of ideas to obtain loyalty, and employees who are loyal to their company. Sometimes conflict comes from outside the organization. An example of this theory outside influence is the National Football league and spousal and child abuse. A rash of abuse cases arising from the actions of the athletes, caused outside influences to take action against the National Football League. Women and other outside groups influenced the league to implement new rules to control or change the behavior of their employees, the athletes.

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