Essay on The Rational Model Of Public Policy

Essay on The Rational Model Of Public Policy

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Public policy is something that determines the legislative process in America, and around other states. What would you do if policy affected your area? Do you know your fellow state representative you can contact? These are things you should know about the public policy process, since we are the people to elect representatives on our behalf to represent our ideal views. In the first part of this essay I will discuss why policy change is incremental. Through defining incrementalism I will then compare, and contrast the definition with the rational model of public policy. The second part of this essay will cover a significant area of the public policy spectrum that I have researched. I shall then use a policy instrument that government has relied upon most often in order to combat the issue at hand, and what alternative policy tool has been underutilized.
Policy Incrementalism
For years decision making in the policy process has been debated by which, process has the best ends to justify the means. Yet the rational actor model has ben widely accused of being the primary method of decision making , in public and private organizations. I mean of course when we hear the word “Rational” you may assume that all intellectual decision should be made, based on information that is best available. The Rational Comprehensive model of decision making is when decision makers have nearly all the information about a problem it causes, and the solutions are at their disposal. First you have to define what the problem may be, then construct a policy alternative. Some problems may be hard to comprehend without a strong consensus behind a problem identified. Once you have the problem develop evaluative criteria, asses alternatives, and last but not le...

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...rnia leaders need to start preposing different services that the public would be able to use other than producing fuel emission associated with motor vehicles .
Funding different manufactures like Tesla, or car manufactures can in turn create more jobs for constituents which will then benefit the health of other communities. We need to do our part as well to solve the drought in California-from saving a bit of water by changing our personal habits, to advocating for water efficient reforms. We all need to try to promote practical solutions to the cause. Environmental causes like using less water in the shower, or when washing your car is even great. Fracking is another issues that is a bad form of drilling that not only turns places that used to be landscapes into, blank spaces, but it also wastes a million gallons of water that Californians cannot afford to spare.

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