The Rational Mind Has Changed Today 's Society Essay

The Rational Mind Has Changed Today 's Society Essay

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“All emotions are, in essence, impulses to act, the instant plans for handling life that evolution has instilled in us,” (Goleman). In other words, what we feel determines how we then act. Acting off of our feelings or emotions is a concept that does not exist in the rational world, yet thrives in the converse of what rationality is. Rationality is actions, thoughts, and behaviors based upon facts or reason. The converse is irrationality, where your actions, thoughts, and behaviors are based upon opinions or feelings. Taking these two very real concepts into mind, we can then conclude that we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels (Goleman).
These minds coexist and work together to create who and how we are. The rational mind has been given a dominant focus in today’s society. It is consistently measured and tested, and has become the basis of how we describe how intelligent someone is. Basically, the rational mind has become the only mind. The coexistence between thinking and feeling has been shattered. However, the irrational mind is just as strong as its rational counterpart, and, dependent on how strong the feeling is, it can even overpower rational thinking (Goleman). That is where emotional or irrational intelligence comes into action.
Unlike rationality, emotional intelligence cannot be formally tested or materialized, it is a concept that can only be seen through experiences, interactions, and relationships. It is a, “meta-ability, determining how well we can use whatever other skills we have,” (Goleman). These “skills” allow us to regulate our mood, control impulse, and persist in the face of frustration. Essentially, emotional intelligence is all about how we deal with strong feelings and what we do with t...

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... is the source of some of our deepest feelings and emotions…and to the extent to which spouses can understand, communicate, and manage these and other powerful emotions plays a crucial role in their marital happiness,” (Taylor & Francis Group). Handling relationships is the “test” for emotional intelligence. Relationships are filled with powerful emotions, and survive based on how well you are able to implement the other phases of emotional intelligence, into the relationship. It is the ultimate test.
I was wrong to label this complex concept in a rationalistic manner. It is not a test, nor is it a process. It is a journey. One that is not easy, nor simple. A truly emotional intelligent person has to remain in control, and be aware at all times. This is an idea that human nature does not always allow. Just never succumb to nature, and remain vigilant and in control.

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