Essay on Rate My Professor App Project

Essay on Rate My Professor App Project

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This semester in for engineering by design we were assigned to design a product that we would work on for the whole semester and hopefully have complete by the end. Throughout this semester we also learned what the process of design entails. From learning how to choose a product for the market to figuring how the product would affect the environment. We learned a great deal this semester. Our group decided to design an application for the semester. This came with a lot of challenges but also a great deal of learning. This essay will go more into detail about our learning throughout the year while trying to accomplish this awesome project.

Market Need

Currently there is a “Rate My Professor” application in the Apple Store for Iphone, IPad, and other Apple products. Android OS users do not have this luxury. With the “Rate My Professor” app and website obtaining a great deal of popularity, there is a reasonable need for a similar app on Android. For starters we will create the app only to rate professors at the University of Hartford. This way it is easier to keep an up-to-date roster of professors.
This application’s main purpose is to improve of professors through positive and constructive feedback from students. With the overview of many professors, it will be much easier for future students to choose professors that are more appropriate for their needs.

Product Performance

Our apps performance relies on three key characteristics, accurate data transfer and retrieval, multi-platform compatibility and most importantly the app must be user friendly. To reliably transfer and receive data we must make the app able to easily communicate with our dedicated server, flawlessly encrypt and decrypt information, ...

... middle of paper ...

... future. The plan we have to combat being sued for copy right is to first investigate the laws for copyright material so that we know what they can hit us on. Second we have to change the name of the app so that it is not related to the current app that is on the market. Lastly we have to make sure we get as many people on board with the creation of the app. We plan to combat being hacked with first making sure that our app is consistently backed up so that is we are hacked we still have all our information. Second we want to have constant alerts that will monitor the system to see if anything is happening that we have to worry about. Lastly we want to have security that’s job is to watch the system. As for the privacy of the users we plan on having a banned word list so that no user will get offended in some way. We will have alerts and security for this purpose.

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