The Rare Good Guy With A Gun Essay example

The Rare Good Guy With A Gun Essay example

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Americans today tend to believe that guns are dangerous and they should not be in the place of anyone’s hands. There is much debate over who should have one and who should not. What is not commonly conversed is how to properly use one. David Shipley, the author of the article The Rare ‘Good Guy with a Gun’, acknowledges this understated issue. Being a “good guy with a gun” is not enough to stop a bad guy with a gun. You do not only need a gun but also experience, knowledge, and adequacy.
In the editorial from the Bloomberg View called “The Rare Good Guy with a Gun” by David Shipley, he acknowledges that yes, indeed, a good person with a gun can surely stop an evil person of convicting a crime. He wrote about a specific event that occurred where a knife-wielding man was shot dead by what seemed, at the time, to be just a normal man. Further investigation lead to the man actually being a former police chief, Jason Falconer. He goes on by saying Falconer owns a shooting range and has been to some of the best firearm training schools in America. After stating Falconer’s case, Shipley continues his writing by saying “it takes a guy who’s good with a gun.” While this is true because having experience and knowing what you are doing with a gun is very important, Stewart House poses a different argument. I will admit, there is always that small chance that a good guy is going to stop a bad crime. Most of the time this “good guy” is law enforcement, a nearby person who happens to be an ex-cop, or a bystander toting a gun. House brings up a good point by saying, “Guns can be properly and effectively used in self-defense. But saturating the nation with firearms also primes the country for deadly violence, making many situations more likely...

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...d no other option” could have been prevented with plausible attention to both gun laws and metal health awareness. I think Shipley is mistaken because he overlooks the other possible outcomes for violent shootings. He needs to look at the people themselves, the issues they have, why they want the gun, etc. Although I agree with Shipley to a point, I cannot accept his overall assumption that the NRA is the probable cause to all the terrible, reckless shootings because the NRA has proven they are not being sloppy and letting horrible things happen.
In conclusion, Shipley’s editorial had some really good main topics. People should not own, or worse, shoot a gun if they have no known background knowledge of how to operate a gun. House brought up some contradicting points to Shipley’s opinion and said there should be more sensible gun laws to prevent such heinous crime.

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