The Rapid Growth Of The Social Media Essay

The Rapid Growth Of The Social Media Essay

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1.1 Background
The rapid growth of the social media networking makes life different. According to the real time internet live statistics, the internet users in the world are now more than 3,338,000,000 and keep rising every day (Internet Live Stats, 2016). Social media like Facebook, Sina microblog (Weibo), Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are defined as the online communities which allow users to create and share their own content (Bolton et al., 2013). The faster and easier information exchange brings a new trend of marketing communication established and makes traditional peer to peer word of mouth spreading go online. Social media provides a platform for consumer to engage in electronic word-of-mouth. It can be either positive or negative statement on the product brand or service which made by potential, actual or experience users on the internet (Themba & Mulala, 2013). Facebook is one of the fast developing social media. It brings up a new trend of social media marketing. Facebook influenced customer behavior and suggested to be one of the most critical metrics of social media usage (Schultz, Schwepker & Good, 2012).
Modern customers are now smart and intelligent, the purchase decision making process usually going through information search and word-of-mouth. Unlike the old day, customers were direct influencing by the traditional marketing strategies like advertising, endorsement and sponsorship. When customer going to make a purchase decision, they will look for the word of mouth from friends and family and also search the customer feedback online. The upcoming of Facebook brand fan pages, arouse the brand owners. It is easy to reach the target and potential customer compare with the traditional marketing way. Many bu...

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... What are the factors affect satisfaction and word of mouth intention to brand
fan pages?
RQ2: What are the effects of brand fan pages on customer loyalty and word of

1.6 Outline
This study consists of six chapters, begin with an introduction to the effects of brand fan pages marketing in Hong Kong. Secondly, come up with the literature review to discuss and explains the factors affect social media brand fan pages. Thirdly, the conceptual framework shows the research model for this study. The research method explains clearly and step by step of the research processes. After the explanation of the research details, the result with analysis in the fifth chapter. Finally, the last chapter is the discussions and conclusion of this study. Not only discuss the result and implication, but also include the limitation and recommendation for future research.

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