The Rape Of College Rape Incidents Essay

The Rape Of College Rape Incidents Essay

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College Rape Incidents
There are many women that are raped, but “numbers don’t begin to tell the whole story” (“Rape and Sexual Assault”). Universities can do more to help prevent rape on their campus. Acts like Title IX and Violence Against Women Act can be enforced further more at colleges. Also, the staff and students can help prevent rape from happening; especially coaches and leaders of fraternities can inform athletes and fraternity brothers about rape because they are usually the perpetrators in rape situations.
U.S. Department of Education for Civil Rights’ “mission is to ensure equal access to education and promote educational excellence throughout the nation through vigorous enforcement of civil rights” (“U.S. Department of Education”). Through Title IX universities receive federal funds to address sexual violence and other forms of sex discrimination. If colleges refuse to address sex discrimination problems, then that school will lose their federal funding, or worse they can be referred to the U.S. Department of Justice for further action. Another act that can be enforced at universities is the Violence Against Women Act, which is federal dollars used to enforce “crisis intervention, counseling, criminal justice advocacy, forensic evidence-gathering, medical and social services, and law enforcement” (“Rape and Sexual Assault”). Since the VAWA is the “backbone” of our nation’s response to rape, it has created a newer and tougher penalty against abusers and sex offenders. Besides enforcing these two acts, universities need to educate their students about rape that occurs on or near their campus.
Universities need to inform the students and staff about the statistics of rape near their community. For example, one in fiv...

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...colleges can learn more about the three different types of rapists, in order to look out for them on their campus. Universities can have guests come speak to fraternities and tell them how raping women can harm themselves and others Also, can have fraternities change their rules and not devalue women like they always have; instead they can enforce the so-called brothers to not think of women as bait. Fraternity boys aren’t the only ones that rape women. Athletes are another main perpetrator at colleges. Since athletes think that the rules don’t apply to them, universities need to do a better job of showing the importance that athletes will have consequences when committing a crime especially like raping a woman. Lastly, bystanders and witnesses can report more because it can help clarify the situation for the lawyers defending the victim and perpetrator in trial.

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