Rape Is A Vicious, Horrible Act That Can Scar A Victim

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Rape is a vicious, terrible act that can scar a victim for the rest of his or her life. Women have always been seen as less than men. A couple of hundreds of years ago women were seen as a man’s property and slowly but surely women have gained their independence from men with the right to vote, to hold property, to and divorce a man. But even with advances women have made they are still considered weak compared to men. Domestic violence, rape, and marital rape are becoming more and more common. Today women are fighting for the right to say “no” in any and every situation, including when she is married to the man. Marital rape was not always seen as illegal and many psychologist have come up with theories as to why that is. There are potential risk factors, effects, and different types of marital rape. Marital rape has been a controversial subject since the beginning of this nation. Historically marital rape was considered an impossibility, so husbands were never charged for raping their wives. This impossibility began in English common law with the Hale doctrine stating in the marriage vows a woman already gave herself to her husband in this manner and she cannot retract (#2). This doctrine was then brought over to the American colonies and officially became part of its legal system in 1875 after the court case of Commonwealth v. Fogarty (#1). Later in time the idea on marital rape being impossible to commit was reinforced by the Unities Theory. This theory identifies a man and a women as one once they are married, thus the woman becomes the man’s property and her existence is suspended (#2). Many states believed they had no right to intervene in a “sexual relationship between a husband and a wife” and they will not invade “the ... ... middle of paper ... ...depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (#3). Other long term psychological effects include anxiety, sleeping problems, eating disorders, and trust issues (#3). When a man and women get married the husband vows to love, to provide, and to protect the wife but often enough he is the one harming the wife. Many marriages have issue of domestic violence and rape within their house walls. Domestic violence and spousal rape can have a more harming effect on a women then a complete stranger because she knows, loves, and trusted their perpetrator. Women have worked hard to get marital rape criminalized in all fifty states and to get more research on why this happens, who it more likely happens to, the different types, and the effects spousal rape can have. No man should go against the vows he made to his wife on his wedding day and physically harm or rape their wife.

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