Rape Is A Serious Form Of Violence Essay

Rape Is A Serious Form Of Violence Essay

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Forcible rape is a serious form of violence. There are two types of rape and three major theories of explaining why rape is caused. The FBI has a specific definition of rape, but rape is a complex phenomenon that needs more in depth explanation to fully understand it. This research defines the types of rape and gives an in depth explanation of the theories of why rape is caused.
Rape is a form of violence which is defined as a “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will,” by the FBI. The actual statutes of rape regard any forced penetration by a man’s penis to a woman’s vagina, mouth, or anus. When I first read this definition, I wondered why it specifically required a man to be the rapist and the women to be the victim. The FBI does not define male-to-male rape as rape. Men being raped by men does occur, for example in prisons, but it is not studied as much or as highly regarded as women being raped by men. Forcible rape is currently considered more of a violent crime than a sexual one. Rape is an assault that either implies the threat of violence or uses violence or force. In order for the assault to be called rape, there must be genital or attempted genital contact. If genital contact is not involved then the act is just an assault.
There are two types of rape. Forcible rape is forced sex by violence or the threat of violence. Statutory rape is consensual sex between a male and an underage. Legally, a female who is underage is not capable of granting sexual access to an overage male. Rape is either classified as simple or aggravated. Simple rape forced sex with little or no violence, no weapons or battery, between a single assailant, and between two people who had a prior relationship. Aggra...

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...t also emotionally damaged. Women who have been raped or who are victims of attempted rape have higher levels of suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, and nervous breakdowns compared to victims of other types of criminal assault. Victims of acquaintance rape suffer from high feelings of self-blame and betrayal which has an effect on their recovery. Women who have been raped or women who know close friends or family members that have been raped live in fear not knowing if they are safe from harm.
Rape is a serious hate crime that cannot go unnoticed. I have explained what types of rape there are and the theories behind why men rape women. Rape negatively affects our society even though over half of the rapes that occur aren’t even reported. Audiences vary with respect to how broad or narrow their definitions of rape are and the variation is socially patterned.

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