The Rape Epidemic Essay

The Rape Epidemic Essay

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Rape causes depression, loss of self-esteem, self-incrimination, and suicide. Therefore the consequences of rape should be life in prison or put in a mental institution. Rape should be banned nationally because you don’t know who could be raped next. Victims fear personal and family safety after a tragic incident like being raped.
The trauma of rape can lead to depression and can put victims in a horrible mental state of mind. Symptoms of depression can go unnoticed for long periods of time especially if the victims doesn’t speak out and tell someone. “Symptoms of depression are social withdrawnness, lack of interest in things the victim would normally enjoy, feelings of worthless unexplained irritability, and inability to sleep. After rape or sexual abuse, survivors often find their self-esteem suffers significantly”.(After silence. org) The way victims view themselves and others change significantly after being raped. They may lose their integrity and power to continue a balanced life.
It is very common for rape survivors to blame themselves for what happened. They believe they could of prevented the incident or even stopped it from happening. When victims finally come to the realization that it wasn’t their fault and someone else had complete control and power over them is when they really break down. It’s better for victims to believe that they had a part in the event rather the admit to themselves that they were helpless and couldn‘t do anything. Many offenders tend to express and do certain things to make victims get into the mindset that they endure. Not only do rape victims have suicidal thoughts, but they also act on these thought as well. Sexual assaults are not uncommon at all. There is no specific re...

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... used data from Texas laws. I used this source to support my claim that rape consequences should be more severe.

U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Sex Offenses and Offenders. 1997.
In this source it elaborates on how men are being rape just as much as women are. Even though it seems more common for only women to be rape both genders are affected. This source supports my claim that rape needs to be taken more seriously. I used this source to support my claims.

U.S. Department of Justice. National Crime Victimization Survey. 2012.
Rape isn’t a problem for only one gender, but both. These statistics shows evidence that woman as well as men have been mostly likely raped by someone they are familiar with. The statistics also expresses that rape happen anywhere. I use this source to show evidence that rape affects both genders and the severity of the problem.

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